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Stockholm- Israeli Forces have arrested Mujahid Al-Saadi, a Palestinian journalist and resident of Jenin refugee camp in the West Bank today 24 June, stirred condemnation from Skyline. Skyline also calls on the Israeli authorities for the immediate release of Al-Saadi.  

According to a testimony from his family, Al-Saadi, 32, was arrested by a large number of army soldiers, who stormed his house and confiscated his phone. 

The family of Al-Saadi said that their son suffers from rheumatism, disc pain in the neck, muscle aches, as well as back pain due to the long time he spent during previous interrogations. He was previously arrested by Israeli forces four times, most recently in 2016, where he was sentenced to seven months in prison, for his journalistic work.

According to the Palestinian Prisoner Club (NGOs),  Al-Saadi's arrest increases the number of detained journalists in Israeli prisons to 13, including two women journalists, Bushra Al-Tawil and Mays Abu Ghosh.

"Skyline" criticizes the continued Israeli authorities' violations against the Palestinian journalists to flagrantly attack the freedom of journalism. These violations range from arrest, shooting, travel and coverage ban, and confiscation of equipment.

Accordingly, Skyline points out that Israel uses the administrative detention policy (based on no charge), to pursue journalists and opinion writers. This is to undermine freedom of opinion and expression and impede freedom of the press in violation of human rights and the international humanitarian law.

Skyline International calls upon the Israeli authorities to stop arresting journalists and activists to undermine their societal, cultural and political role and to immediately release Al-Saadi and all detained journalists, especially in light of the emerging Corona Virus pandemic.

The human rights foundation also calls on the international community, including the parties to the Fourth Geneva Convention, to fulfill its obligations and take its responsibilities to end the violations of international law committed by Israel, as an occupying power, towards Palestinians, including journalists.