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Stockholm - Skyline International condemns the Israeli authorities growing attacks against Palestinian journalists on the grounds of performing their job, which flagrantly violates media freedom.

In a press release, the Stockholm-based international foundation states that Israeli forces arrested the photojournalist, Muhammad Qarout idkaidek, yesterday "Wednesday" from his house in Al-Issawiya village in Jerusalem.

Skyline adds that the Israeli army arrested another journalist called "Musab Saeed" from his home in Ramallah and extended his detention for interrogation. Also, the (Israeli) occupation army previously held the journalist Nidal Naim Abu Aker from Bethlehem on the second of last August.

According to Palestinian human rights statistics, the number of Palestinian journalists detained in Israeli prisons has increased to 20, of whom 4 are being held under the administrative detention (Without charge)

Skyline criticizes the Israeli authorities ’continuing violations against the Palestinian journalists and Press freedom. These violations include detention, shooting, travel bans, prevention from covering news, and confiscation of devices and equipment.

Moreover, Skyline warns that Israel used the administrative detention policy (without charge) to prosecute journalists and opinion writers in an attempt to tighten freedom of opinion and expression and press freedom. This seriously violates human rights and the international humanitarian law.

Skyline International calls upon the Israeli authorities to stop arresting journalists and activists in an attempt to undermine their societal, cultural and political role. It also demands the authorities to immediately release Idkaidek and all other detained journalists, especially in light of the emerging coronavirus pandemic.

The human rights foundation "Skyline" also calls on the international community, including the contracting parties to the Fourth Geneva Convention, to fulfill their obligations to stop the Israeli violation of international law against Palestinians.