04 AUG 2020

Jordan Restricts Social Media Services to Limit Public Freedoms

STOCKHOLM - Skyline International today denounces  the Jordani...

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03 AUG 2020

Military Court in Eastern Libya Issues Prison Sentence Against Journ...

STOCKHOLM - Skyline International strongly condemns the 15-yea...

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28 JUL 2020

Interrogating Jordanian Journalist for Several Hours Flagrantly Viol...

STOCKHOLM - Skyline International condemns the Jordanian au...

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22 JUL 2020

Twitter Suspends Account of Human Rights Advocate and Critic of UAE

STOCKHOLM - Skyline International today condemns the Twitter a...

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20 JUL 2020

Palestine: Detention of Anti-Corruption Protesters in Ramallah Restr...

GENEVA - Skyline International condemns the Palestinian Author...

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15 JUL 2020

Skyline Condemns Spying on Politicians and Activists in Spain

The skyline foundation requires an investigation into the use...

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13 JUL 2020

Palestinian Authority Launches Arrests Campaign against Anti-corrupt...

STOCKHOLM - Skyline International condemns the growing arbitra...

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10 JUL 2020

Warning of Deteriorating Health of Arbitrarily Detaind Yemeni Journa...

STOCKHOLM - Today, Skyline International is extremely concerne...

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08 JUL 2020

Hisham Al-Hashimi: Targeted Killings on Rise in Iraq

STOCKHOLM - Skyline International is deeply shocked by the ass...

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06 JUL 2020

Report: Restricting Journalists During Covid- 19 Pandemic

STOCKHOLM - Skyline International Foundation states that the M...

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03 JUL 2020

Jordan: Arbitrary Detention of Blogger due to Facebook Post on Queen...

STOCKHOLM - Skyline International calls on the Jordanian autho...

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01 JUL 2020

Iran: Condemnation of Death Sentence against Peaceful Blogger

STOCKHOLM - The Skyline International Foundation condemns toda...

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