Deleting Mohamed Ali’s videos indicates Facebook’s conspiracy with Egyptian authorities

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MADRID: Skyline International condemns Facebook’s deletion of videos of the Egyptian businessman and artist Mohamed Ali, who reveals financial and administrative corruption in Egyptian army projects.

According to Skyline’s observation, Facebook has deleted several videos posted by the Egyptian artist on his page, then it closed his page completely.

As stated by Mohamed Ali, a group of hackers, suspected of being behind the Egyptian government, has hacked his private Facebook page.

Ali said in a video he posted on social media: “They hacked my page and created a new one… It was a very special page for me since I have very important pictures on it”. 

This came after he had published a series of videos in the past few days, accusing President Abdel Fattah El Sisi and senior army leaders of corruption and misspend billions of pounds.

Ali claims that the armed forces are spending a lot of money on facilities that do not benefit the average Egyptian citizen, for example, building hotels and homes for President Sisi and his family without transparency and censorship.

Facebook Against Mohamed Ali

Hacking Mohamed Ali’s page shows that the Egyptian state security agencies are behind it, due to the fact that Ali’s videos have a great influence on Egyptian public opinion. 

Skyline International states that the Egyptian authorities are attacking Ali and his pages on social media to prevent him from publishing any information, rather than proving the contrary of what he claims. 

Adding to that, the Egyptian authorities have ordered the local media not to address the subject of Mohammed Ali, except to the minimum levels, and under the direct supervision of the authorities.

Skyline also notes that hosting Ali’s father through a media channel and forcing him to speak out against his son is a continuation of the lack of respect for human values on Egyptian media platforms. 

The Egyptian authorities record of violations against the expression of opinion is incredibly full. The sentence of the Egyptian artist Amr Waked to 8 years in prison  in military court for criticizing the regime of President Abdel Fattah El Sisi is not its latest violation.

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