Jordan: Media platforms must abide by journalistic professionalism in covering teachers’ strike

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الأردن: على وسائل الإعلام الالتزام بمبادئ المهنية الصحفية في تغطية إضراب المعلمين

MADRID: – Skyline International calls upon the Jordanian media to act objectively and professionally on the issue of the teachers’ strike, who are demanding their rights from the government of Prime Minister Omar Razzaz.

The organization stated that it monitored the attempt by some media to distort the image of the teachers’ strike, through displaying the result of this strike in Jordanian schools and facilities.

The Jordanian channel “Roya” broadcasted a video of its correspondent asking two students about their opinion on the teachers’ strike.

The TV reporter asked one of the students for his opinion, saying: “What do you think of the strike, Are you with or against this move, Are you affected as a student?”.

Skyline International condemns the interview with the two students, in which the TV reporter appears to be trying to subdue the students to talk about a particular opinion.

Violation of Professional Standards upon the strike

The human rights organization states that what Roya does violates all professional and ethical standards of journalistic ethics not to incite racial or sectarian strife. In addition to the commitment to objectivity, accuracy and high professionalism and not to exploit the profession for personal gain.

Skyline International calls on Roya and other Jordanian media outlets to abide by the press charter and respect the right of teachers to strike. 

It points out that trade union work requires a space and freedom of expression, which should be provided by media channels in order not to be exclusively utilized by one side over the other.

Therefore, media outlets must not promote the government’s narrative while trying to attack the opposing one.

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