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Skyline International has condemned on 4 February, 2019 the incursion of the Lebanese Security forces into the office of Lebanese News website after issuing a warrant against the website. The storming of the Lebanese security forces into the website offices has come after the Lebanese government commissar, Judge Peter Germannos, issued a one-month search and inquiry report against website owner, Michel Qanbour, for publishing news on an incident happened at Rafik Hariri airport in Beirut,”, said Skyline General Secretary, Muath Hamed.

The mentioned website  has posted a video showing a person wearing civilian clothes trying to inter the airport without checking his bag in spite of the security personnel at the airport, which led to a problem between the parties.  

Hamid has stressed that “Lebanon Debate” website has functioned its media and journalistic role in events reporting, which is guaranteed by Lebanese domestic and international. 
He has also noted that the Lebanese security warrant by a military court against civilians is illegal and a clear violation of the law and a crime that the Lebanese authorities must stop promptly .

The Secretary General of the Sweden Foundation has stated in his press statement that what have been done by the Lebanese authorities contradict the provisions of 19 Article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which states that “Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression. This right involves  freedom to hold opinions without any interference and to receive news and ideas, by any means, without being restricted by geographical boundaries. “


Hamed also added that the violations of the Lebanese authorities against journalism are disturbingly growing in the recent period. These actions violate the Johannesburg Declaration on National Security and Freedom of Information, “which supports the right to access information as a necessary right to ensure the enjoyment of the right to freedom of opinion and expression”.
Hamed finalized the press release of Skyline calling on the Lebanese authorities to immediately project the search and inquiry report against  Michel Kanabour and not tighten journalism in any way.