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SkyLine International continues monitoring the ongoing aggression on free speech rights, including a rise in incitement to violence and hate speech in Arab media during April 2019. This includes audiovisual, and social media.

This monthly report monitors such events in the Middle East, with a focus on media originating in Yemen, Palestine, Egypt, Algeria, Lebanon, the Arab Gulf as well as Iraq. It seeks to highlight language used to incite hate and violence in order to confront the growing culture for such content, defend the ethics and reputation of unbiased journalism, and preserve the media as a constructive mean to serve society.

SkyLine International stressed the importance of raising awareness among journalists about the dangers of producing content that highlights such discourses positively.

“Journalists must work to defend the honour and ethics of the profession and refuse to use all terms that call for hatred and incitement in Arab society,” the organisation said in its report.

to read the report press here