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Skyline International has released its third report on monitoring hate speech in the Middle East last March, which witnessed the continuation and escalation of discourse in various media and social platforms.

The Stockholm-based organisation said its third report monitored a wide range of incitement and counter-incitement by various parties in the Arab world.

The organisation warned of the danger of continuing hate speech against the nations of the region and the possible consequences of this, such as the spread of racism.

Skyline International presented in its report the evidence from the materials published through the official Arabic news websites and social media by the influential media which measured the professionalism and regard for the stated conventions and values that must be respected by institutions.

The monitoring of incitement and hatred in the media is of great importance because these two characteristics cannot be exist in democracy but constitute a direct threat to it, as well as representing the essential tools in shaping the gab and enhancing discrimination within and outside societies.

The report in Arabic here