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Stockholm, 04/02/2018


Skyline International condemns UAE’s arrest of a Kuwaiti citizen by the UAE’s state security service in Dubai for publishing a photo of a leader from a neighboring Arab country.

Skyline International stated in a press release that the Kuwaiti citizen was arrested during a picnic with his family in Dubai International Village because his iPhone wallpaper showing Emir of Qatar, Tamim bin Hamad.

A lawyer of the Kuwaiti citizen stated that his client was arrested by the State Security in Dubai without knowing the reason. So he left his family in the village heading to the station to be shocked by the accusation. The name of the Kuwiti citizen was not revealed.

It is worth mentioning that this incident happened in conjunction with UAE’s ban of expressing sympathy with Qatar. An Emirati citizen was arrested last July because of a published video sympathizing with Qatar.

Skyline International called for the immediate release of the Kuwaiti detainee and condemned the violation of his most basic rights in an absurd practice of the UAE authorities, who must respect the international law.