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Sweden, 03 January 2018 – Skyline International condemns the arrest of the Saudi writer and journalist, Saleh Al-Shehi, because of his sharp criticism to o government institutions including the Royal Court.

Skyline international is deeply concerned about the increasing repression of public freedoms and the censorship of any opinion contrary to the government and authorities in Saudi Arabia. The latest case was the arrest of the writer and journalist Al-Shehi.

A legal expert in the Foundation stated that he is alarmed about the safety of Al-Shehhi especially that the circumstances of his detention were unknown and the arrest procedures were illegal. “Saudi authorities must respect the International Conventions on Civil and Political Rights, which guarantees the right of freedom of opinion and expression for individuals”. He added.

Al-Shehi was arbitrarily arrested without legal basis on 3rd of January 2018 by Saudi Security forces after publishing an article criticizing corruption in the kingdom and calling for strict measures to fight it.

It is worth mentioning that Al-Shehhi was also known before his arrest for his television interviews, in which he accused the Royal Court in Saudi Arabia of being involved in financial and administrative corruption cases, especially the illegal distribution of land.

Besides being a writer in Al-Watan, Al-Shehi has worked in several academic positions inside and outside the Kingdom. In addition, he has participated in many international seminars and conferences. He has previously worked as chief editor of the Cultural magazine issued by the cultural attaché in Britain.

Skyline International demands the immediate release of Al-Shehi as well as all political detainees arrested on the basis of their views in Saudi Arabia and the repression of public freedoms and restrictions on freedom of opinion and expression.

The director general of Skyline international stated that violations of the right to free opinion in Saudi Arabia are increasing recently. She also warned this fear system imposed by the Saudi authorities against activists who criticize its policies and call on for reform is a grave violation of international laws.