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Stockholm, 25/12/2017 



 Skyline International condemns an Israeli incitement campaign launched against a Palestinian prominent activist who was detained last Tuesday during an Israeli raid on her home in Nabi Saleh Village in the occupied West Bank.


The 16-year-old activist, Ahed Al-Tamimi, was arrested after a video of her and her cousin clashing with the Israeli soldiers went viral. Ahed’s mother and her cousin were also arrested later on the same day during a visit to Ahed at an Israeli police station. Ahed has become well known for her fierce resistance against the Israeli occupation worldwide. 


Cida Cidar, Skyline International spokesperson, stated that a wave of Israeli incitement was observed, including an article published in the Israeli newspaper Ma’ariv by the Israeli journalist, Ben Caspit, inwhich he indirectly called for the rape of Al-Tamimi and other Palestinian girls like her. “In the case of the girls, we should exact a price at some other opportunity, in the dark, without witnesses and cameras.” Caspit said.


Cidar called on Ma’ariv’s chief editors to hold the Israeli journalist accountable for this statement and to make sure that the newspaper is not used as a platform for such calls especially that he is referring to teenage girls.


“The wave of incitement in the Israeli media will lead to catastrophic consequences in terms of spreading calls for revenge, murder and arrest just for demonstrating peacefully” added Cidar.


Cidar expressed her concerns over the safety of Al-Tamimi, who is being held with Israeli criminals and convict putting her at possible risk of assault or attacks. Cidar called on the Israeli authorities to immediately release the Palestinian teenager.