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Stockholm, 07/12/ 2017

   Skyline International is worried to hear the news about a new incitement campaign launched against the Jordanian anchor of the Middle East Broadcasting Center (MBC) , Ola Al Fares, because of a tweet she posted earlier commenting on Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Skyline’s general director, Shereen Awad, stated that such incident is considered a grave violation of Ola’s right to Self-expression and freedom of opinion. “Ola’s tweet commenting on Jerusalem didn’t explicitly or implicitly refer to Saudi Arabia. However, she was bombarded with indictments from her followers accusing her of abusing Saudi Arabia”. A legal expert in Skyline international denounced the news about MBC’s intention to dismiss Ola because of her tweet responding to the incitement campaign. “We firmly refuse all kinds of practices that suppress one’s right of expression based on unnecessary interpretations.” the expert said. Ola Tweeted earlier last week: “Trump’s timing of this decision is not a coincidence. After his visit to us, he was confident that Arabs will condemn the decision tonight and celebrate Thursday [the start of weekend in the Arab countries] tomorrow. ”The tweet was greatly attacked by Saudi followers who said that the tweet was offending and referred to Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia last May. Later, Ola modified her tweet and deleted “after his visit to us”. However, Saudi followers continued to insult Ola who encouraged them to tweet against trump’s decision instead.