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SkyLine International released on Saturday January, 2019 a report on the escalation of assaults against journalists in Europe simultaneously with the rise of right in a number of countries. 

The foundation-based in Stockholm said in its report that it monitored a number of killing, bombing and attack incidents disturbingly against journalists, their workplaces and houses that European countries have not seen before. 

Skyline International explained that it becomes common in the recent years to record many attacks and assaults targeting journalists, and this is considered as an inevitable  result for the hostility of right wing currents against press activity criticizing polices and ideologies of their parties and governments 

Sky Line noted that the hate speech, violence fueling , incitement and continuous abuse against journalists by prominent politicians and  recently ruling European leaders has preluded for a fertile ground of violence and governmental repression. This leaded to the widespread of many killing crimes, injuries and threats to journalists. 

In this report, Sky Line foundation called on the European Union and government of European countries  to take steps that would prevent extremist movements and right-wing governments from encroaching media work and its institutions. It also called on stopping the flow of hate speeches, racism and the other rejection coming from some politicians and extremist- party leaders in their countries, especially in the wake of immigration crisis happening in Europe. The foundation also reported that the extremist  right platforms should be banned from social media which incite against those who work in media and make them a target.

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