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Stockholm  13/11/2017



    Skyline International condemns the campaign targeting the Emirati artist, Ahlam Al Shamsi, during the past few days for her comments on social media sites.

The unjustifiable attack on Al Shamsi is disrespectful, says the Stockholm-based Skyline International. Involving the artist’s personal life in the midst of a political conflict in the Gulf region is a violation to their fundamental freedoms.

Slyline referred to the decision of MBC T.V media Group, which is owned by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, to exclude Ahlam from the Global Competitions Program (the Voice) in its Arabic version. Although the Emirati artist has already participated in filming several episodes of the show, she was excluded nevertheless.

Al Shamsi has been suffering from offensive campaigns including insulting statements because of her tweets on Twitter. Her tweets included criticism of a song disrespecting Qatar and the Qatari people.

It is said that Ahlam refused to participate in the song, noting that her comment wishing that “art should be as elegant as it used to be” was made on her personal Twitter account after the publication of the song. Ahlam’s following tweets stating, “No one will ever be able to doubt my loyalty and love to my country” are likely to have been the result of the attack.

Skyline International further condemned the campaign of defamation insulting the Emirati artist based on her personal views.