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SkyLine International stated in a detailed report on Wednesday, January 2, 2019, using and involving children in the internal Gulf conflict through a number of videos published on social media in violation of international law.

The latest videos show popular children’s cartoons called Dura, which uses a song against Qatar, performed by a group of children in violation of the 1959 Universal Declaration of the Rights of the Child.

Involving children in any political conflict is dangerous and has an awful consequence for their future. The exploitation of one of the most popular and widespread cartoon films to achieve political ends to win opponents is dangerous and unacceptable.

The report also monitored a video that was published on December 31, 2018. It was titled ” Rain heavily in Doha, No problem if It Sinks ” and was re-edited on footage from the children’s series “Dura” and some other footage.

The two-minute video is full of sectarian language targeting both Qatar and Iran, and the relationship has resembled marriage.

The song also used some of the old sectarian conflicts in the region vulgarly to incite against the two countries.

Children’s Use of Sectarian Discourse

Using children as a means to incite them to adopt political positions, then employing them in various forms of conflict or pressure them to adopt certain positions is a flagrant violation of their childhood and systematic exploitation of their feelings. Brainwashing and so forth.

Using religious sectarianism in this section is disturbing and dangerous. It is not known exactly who produced it, but many Saudi accounts have published it. Senior journalists such as Saudi journalist Khalid Al-Muttafi, who is followed by nearly one million people has published the video. It has got about 322,000 views, more than 2,000 comments with impressed reactions and likes.