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STOCKHOLM - Skyline International condemns incitement campaigns and hate speech against doctors in Egypt due to their call for personal protection from the emerging Corona Virus (Covid-19) pandemic and to provide medical care for those who contract the disease.


The Stockholm-based international foundation warns of the danger of the growing hate speech in national media and social media against doctors. This hate speech includes false accusations of treason and inefficiency in their role facing the pandemic, in a clear attempt to discredit their persona and underestimated their work.


The crisis of Egypt's doctors has stepped up due to the lack of proper medical equipment since the beginning of the Corona pandemic in the country. The crisis has reached its climax on May 24 with the death of four doctors in one day on the first day of Eid Al Fitr. The infected cases of medical personnel have increased to 350 doctors, paramedics, and nursing staff.


“Skyline" has confirmed an increasing number of complaints reported by doctors regarding their dangerous working conditions and the fairness of their demands. Nevertheless, several social media accounts have launched incitement and hate speech campaigns against them, accusing them of treason and depicting them as opposition supporters.


However, these kind of attacks are not new, a few years ago, incitement and media defamation campaigns were made against doctors by attacking their social media accounts to extract any posts or photos indicating that they support the "Muslim Brotherhood “


On the other hand, the Egyptian Medical Union has attacked the incitement campaigns, accusing them of the collapse of the health system. The Union considers that these campaigns aim to distract attention from the responsibility of the government and parliament in providing the health system requirements.


"Skyline" warns of the media hate speech and incitement on doctors, which would expose them to verbal and physical abuse and ill-treatment, especially in an-already deteriorating human rights condition in Egypt.


The International Foundation confirms that hate speech and incitement in social media and the media violate international human rights covenants and conventions. In this regard, Article 20 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights stipulates that “Any call for national, racial or religious hatred constitutes incitement to discrimination, hostility or violence.”


Finally, Skyline stresses the legal and moral responsibility of the Egyptian government to confront incitement campaigns against doctors, under its obligations to "international human rights law."