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STOCKHOLM - The Skyline International Foundation expresses its solidarity with the Lebanese journalist "Dima Sadek" as she has been exposing to incitement campaign from media outlets of the "Free Patriotic Movement" and President Michel Aoun due to her public views.

"We condemn the incitement against journalist Sadek and the undermining of her work and her family, as it represents a flagrant violation of the right to freedom of expression," Skyline states. 

In this context, Skyline warns of the personal incitement danger, which may threaten media workers' safety in Lebanon. It also contradicts the right to freedom of expression guaranteed in international human rights covenants and conventions.

Moreover, Dima Sadek has been an object of personal incitement, which includes defamation and accusations of immoral activities from "OTV" and other media of the Free Patriotic Movement on the ground of her social media posts.  

The Criminal Investigation Department interrogated Dima Sadek last May due to her views against the Lebanese Central Bank, accusing her of undermining the financial position of the state, inciting the poor class against the Governor of the Bank of Lebanon; and discrediting the banking sector in Lebanon."

At the end of last year, journalist Saqek was threatened to death by the imam of a mosque in Nabatieh city, who described her as "traitor and insolent," because of her supporting views to the popular protests in the country at that time.
"Skyline" stresses that the incitement against Sadeq and other journalists and bloggers in Lebanon reflects a repressive reality of opinions and a threat to freedoms, life, and personal safety. Hence, those who create these incitement actions must bear their consequences.  

Furthermore, Skyline states that the official authorities should not tolerate the growth of the incitement speech without taking any deterrent measures. Such incitement crimes might escalate and exacerbate, which undermines public freedoms.

The International Foundation affirms that international conventions prohibit by law any advocacy of hatred or racism and all that constitutes incitement to discrimination, hostility or violence. Therefore, the Lebanese authorities must take specific measures to address the issue according to their obligations to "international human rights law.”

Skyline International concludes its statement by saying, " the incitement speech preludes to violence and government repression against media workers. Also, the hatred of political leaders to journalists in some countries eventually leads to more perilous actions."