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STOCKHOLM - Skyline International today calls on the Egyptian authorities to immediately release the journalist, "Nora Younis," the chief editor of news outlet Al-Manassa, confirming that her detention is a severe violation of the freedom of the press and the right to expression.

The Stockholm-based foundation condemns how Egyptian forces raided the office of Al-Manassa, claiming to be from the Artistic Products Police Department and extensively inspected the place before the arrest of journalist Nora. 

Skyline also considers that harassing a media organization seeks to send a message of intimidation to all reporters and editors in the country. This detention stumbles upon an intensive campaign of bullying and harassment launched by the Egyptian government. Egyptian authorities have tightened and restricted press freedoms and the right to express an opinion in any way that contradicts their views.
The "Al-Manassa" website announced that about eight officers and soldiers in civilian clothes raided the office and examined all the computers there, and viewed the licensed copies of all the devices before Nora was driven away to an unknown location.

The security forces claimed that they examined computers to verify that they operate with authentic licensed copies, but they have not submitted any arrest or search warrants. The Egyptian authorities have not also provided any justification or charges for the arrest of Nora. The journalist Nora has also disappeared and was not able to meet with a lawyer for several hours before appearing in the "Maadi" police station in the Capital, Cairo.

Younis worked as a journalist at the Washington Post and as the website managing editor for Al-Masry Al-Youm. In 2015, she founded the Al-Manassa website and ran it as chief editor. The site has been blocked in Egypt several times since mid-2017.

"The arrest of journalist Nora falls within a massive attack on the Egyptian press since 2014, which includes pursing journalists, imposing laws that restrict their job and blocking websites". Skyline said. 

On the 15th of this month, the Egyptian security forces seized the journalist Mohamed Mounir (65 years) from his home in Giza, days after suffering intimidation and attempts of storming his house in his absence. His detention has happened due to his participation in a television interview on the Al Jazeera channel. 

Last May 17, the editor-in-chief of the Mada Masr website, Lina Atallah, was arrested for a few hours after she interviewed Dr. Laila Soweif, who went into a hunger strike in solidarity with her arrested son, Alaa Abdul Fattah

The State Security Prosecution detained the journalist Ahmed Allam on April 28th for "joining a terrorist group that was established in contravention of the provisions of the law and the constitution," "spreading false news and data," and "misusing social media."

The International Skyline Foundation calls on the Egyptian authorities to release journalist Nora and all other detained journalists for their work and to stop suppressing public freedoms and restricting freedom of opinion and expression. It also calls upon Cairo to respect the International Covenant on Civil and Political Human Rights, which prohibits restricting public freedoms and guarantees freedom of media work.