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Roundtable Agenda

Topic:  Future of Freedom of Expression in the Mediterranean. 

Purpose: The goal of the debate is to discuss how freedom of expression will look like in the near future in the Mediterranean region in order to write a report containing your views, and that will be written in English and translated to Arabic. 

Introduction: The EU expends a great amount of resources in promoting democracy beyond its border and the mediterranean is a priority in European foreign policy.  However, the impact of these efforts are minimal. If we look at the record of democratization, human rights and freedom of expression in countries such as Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Jordan, Israel, the Palestinian Authority, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Iran can see gross violations are taking place there. These countries are considered in one way or another essential partners of the EU. 

Main points of the discussion:  

—What is the EU doing to protect freedom of expression in the MENA region. 

— Why European efforts are having such a limited impact?

—  Is it the EU putting enough pressure to these states to initiate serious reforms to strengthen the protection of human rights and freedom expression among its partners?

— Do we have any successful cases? What can we learn from them? 

— Can lobbying make a difference? 

— Will freedom of expression become a priority in EU foreign policy?  Or perhaps, what place will freedom of expression have among different priorities of EU foreign policy such as security, immigration, economic development, and democratization in the near future. 

— In summary, how can the EU promote and protect freedom of expression in an area where in the near future the record of human rights is likely to worsen? 

— Finally, what can be done to improve the record of human rights in the MENA region


—6. To 6:15. introduction and presentation. This is our first event in Madrid and it is our inauguration. I will present a brief anout us and our mission. 

6:15 to 6:20. Roundtable begins. I will do the presentation first. I will introduce each of you, and I will begin with questions. 

6:20 to 7:15 roundtable ends, time for questions? 

7:25-30. Conclusion 





I will send you a link on zoom with all the information for logging into the event.