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Stockholm, 20/02/2018


Skyline International called on the Egyptian authorities to immediately release the Egyptian journalist Moataz Wadnan who was arrested on 16 February after published an interview with opposition politicians who alleged military leaders’ involvement in the Egyptian revolution in 2011.


Skyline International expressed in a press release its concerns about the whereabouts of the journalist especially that he was transferred to the State Security Prosecution office, which prosecutes national security related crimes.


Wadnan and three of his relatives were stopped and detained at a checkpoint in the Cairo suburb of Mounib. His relatives were released later that day, but Wadnan was transferred to the Fifth Settlement Police Station on 18 February.


Wadnan’s family stated that they were expecting the prosecution to present next day, as usual, but they knew that national security forces lead him to unknown place.


Skyline international condemned the “forced disappearance” of Wadnan who had previously been subjected to physical assault before being arrested by security authorities to prevent him from challenging the decision to exclude Sami Anan from running for presidency and eventually arresting him.


Skyline international called on the Egyptian authorities to immediately release Wadnan and condemned suppressing public freedoms and restricting freedom of opinion and expression in accordance with the International Conventions of political and civil rights,