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Skyline calls on the Lebanese authorities to fully reveal the motives and circumstances of the murder of a photographer and to prosecute the perpetrators.

Skyline International Foundation states that the Lebanese authorities must ensure that the investigation into the murder of the photographer would reveal all circumstances and motives of the incident. Also, the police must bring the perpetrators to justice.

In a press release, Skyline strongly condemned the murder of photographer "Joseph Bejjany"; killed in his home in the mountain village of Kahaleh in Lebanon.

Videos posted on social media showed that two gunmen attacked "Bejjany" 36, on Monday, December 21, while he was inside his car in front of his home, shot him in the head and heart, and took his cell phone and his camera.

There are still no apparent details or motives beyond the assassination. The work of "Bejjany" in Beirut Port raises concern about potential links to similar assassinations and mysterious deaths linked to the port of Beirut blast.

Skyline International has deeply denounced the method adopted in the assassination against journalists in Lebanon and government authorities' failure to protect them.

Skyline further states that such crimes demonstrate the severity of journalists' danger and the grave violation of media freedoms and public liberties in Lebanon. These violations require deterrent measures from officials.

Also, Skyline demands security forces and responsible authorities in Lebanon to ensure that journalists work safely and freely. Skyline International concludes in its statement that the murder of photographer "Joseph Bejjany" is nothing but a cold-blooded execution and warns of more dangerous attacks against public freedoms in Lebanon.