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STOCKHOLM - Skyline condemns the detention of two journalists by the Somali authorities, on Friday, while they were performing their work. They were then interrogated for several hours before being released.

In a press release. Skyline stated that it complied testomines indicating that the journalist "Abdul-Qurain Ali Aden" and the photographer, "Abd al-Razzaq Faqasi," were arrested while they were covering an opposition protest in Mogadishu today, Friday. They were released hours after their detention.

Skyline confirms that the unlawful detention of journalists is an arbitrary measure in violation of international conventions. It also flagrantly violates journalism freedom and disdains all international conventions that protect journalists and freedom of opinion and expression.

Skyline International calls on the Somali authorities to stop their restrictive practices of journalism freedom and to respect international conventions and treaties which criminalize arrest for speech and media work.

Reporters Without Borders, in its 2019 World Freedom Index, ranks Somalia 163rd (out of 180 countries. Somalia is one of the most dangerous countries in Africa for journalists as media freedom suffers from corruption and insecurity in the country.

Skyline stresses the responsibility of the Somali authorities to stop their repressive attitude toward journalists and stop restricting local media.

Finally, Skyline stresses the necessity to guarantee the freedom of journalists' work and to stop any form of targeting them and polices dedicated against them by the ruling authorities.