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STOCKHOLM - Skyline International condemns the Egyptian authoritiesgrowing violations of the right to information, including the increasing wave of arbitrary arrests of journalists and bloggers.

In a press release, Skyline said that it much disapproved the videographers arrest who filmed Coronavirus patients' death due to the lack of oxygen in the intensive care unit at Al-Husseiniya Hospital in the Sharqi province in Egypt. The video sparked widespread anger.

According to Skylines follow-up, the Sharqi provinces security services summoned for interrogation the videographer Ahmed Mamdouh Nafie,” and charged him with storming the hospitals intensive care unit and filming the sick and deceased without permission.

Naffei had filmed a shocking video, which spread widely on social media on Sunday. He said that all the patients in the intensive care unit at Al Husseiniya Hospital died due to the lack of oxygen.

Skyline considers that Nafeis arrest is a form of silencing and prohibiting disseminating information to the public. It is also one of a long series of severe restrictions on freedom of opinion and expression in Egypt.

Skyline further indicates that the number of journalists detained in Egypt has risen to 31, despite the continuing-repressive policies at an alarming rate. In this regard, the editor-in-chief of Al-Shaab newspaper, Amer Abdel Moneim, was arrested in the middle of last month for 15 days, which is renewable, from Gizas home on charges of spreading false news” and participating in terrorist activities,”. He was subjected to interrogation without the presence of a lawyer.

Also, the blogger Shady Abu Zeid, who was released last October, found himself behind bars again after the issuance of an appeal ruling for six months in prison for insulting the Ministry of Interior.”

The Appeals Court upheld the 2016 ruling issued against him by the Qasr al-Nil Criminal Court due to a satirical video chip on police officers.

Moreover, Shady was previously imprisoned for the first time in May 2018. He remained in pretrial detention for more than two years under investigation. He was arrested on charges of spreading false news” and affiliating to a terrorist group.”

Skyline confirms that detention for expressing opinions is an arbitrary measure in contravention of international covenants. It is also a flagrant violation of international conventions that protect journalists and bloggers and the right to spread information.

Recently, the European Parliament adopted Resolution No. 2912, which condemns in the strongest terms the continuation and intensification of the repression practiced by the national authorities and security forces in Egypt against human rights defenders, bloggers, and journalists.