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STOCKHOLM – Skyline is greatly concerned about the disclosure indicating that Salaat First (Prayer Times) app is used to track users’ locations and breach their data privacy.  

In a press release, Skyline said (Salaat First) has been accused of selling user's location data to technology companies that have ties with the US military.

Skyline explains that 'Salaat First' app was involved in selling user's location data to Predicio, a French company that has  previously linked to a supply chain of data involving a US government contractor worked with the FBI.

Motherboard stated that it obtained a large dataset of raw, precise movements of the app users from the source.

This indicates that sensitive information could be potentially leaked, including tracking Muslims as they go about their daily lives. Such information could be abused by those who purchase and use the data.

Also, it has been revealed that 'Salaat First' sold user data on Android. The app has been downloaded more than 10 million times. The collection of data only begins once the app is downloaded. The app has been downloaded in countries including the UK, Germany, France and Italy.

It was noted that the app itself doesn't contain a copy of or a link to the privacy policy, violating Google's Play Store Polices.

'Salaat First' is the latest in a series of apps targeting Muslims that have been found to have sold their data to companies linked to the US government.

Previously, there was another app called " Muslim Pro" did the same leakage of information as 'Salaat First'. The data collected and leaked by this app were announced on last December.

Motherboard revealed that 'Muslim Pro' has had nearly 100 million downloads worldwide. This app sold its data to data company 'X-Mode' which then sold the information to the US military.

Accordingly, Skyline calls for a comprehensive investigation in Congress into the possible surveillance of Muslims in the United States and abroad, including whether this data was used to spy unlawfully.

Finally, Skyline warns of the consequences of increasing privacy violations by leaking data through online applications. It also stresses stressing that any harm of individuals' privacy and espionage seriously violate human rights and strengthen repression at the expense of supporting public freedom.