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Luqman Salim, the director of UMAM Documentation and Research Center, who was a prominent Lebanese researcher and political activist was found assassinated today, Thursday, February 4th. He was first reported missing on Wednesday, February 3rd. It is reported that he was shot several times in his car.

Judge Raheef Ramadan, who is officially leading the investigation, said in a statement that Salim was found killed with four bullets to his head. Luqman Mohsen Salim (1962-2021) was known for opposing and openly criticizing the Shiite pro-Iranian Lebanese party, Hezbollah. He was a Lebanese publisher and independent social and political activist who lived and worked in the southern suburbs of Beirut, Greater Beirut, South Lebanon, and the Bekaa Valley.

Soon after the attack, the son of the organization leader, Jawad Nasrallah, posted a tweet celebrating the assassination: “The loss of some people is actually a gain #noregrets”. He later deleted and Tweet denning the post had nothing to do with the murder, but the timing and content raises serious questions about this assassination.

This is not the first time Hezbollah sympathizers have attempted an assassination attempt against Luqman. His house was attacked in 2019, and notes were posted on the wall of his residence accusing him of being a foreign agent.

According to Skyline’s director, Daniel Rivera, Luqman was constantly harassed and attacked by Hezbollah sympathizers. Luqman raised his voice against intolerance, harassment, corruption, and terrorism.

Paul Cochrane, independent journalist and former reporter in Lebanon declared: “Luqman Salim was fearless in spoke his mind, and called for an end to Lebanon's sectarian system. The murder of Salim is a message, that critics will be silenced, in the most brutal manner.”

Skyline Foundation condemns this heinous crime and advocates for the Lebanese authorities to take appropriate measures and attention in addressing the assassination of Luqman Salim. There needs to be an independent and transparent investigation into the crimes of assassinations of activists such as Luqman Salim.

Skyline Foundation will continue to raise this matter to the European Commission of Human Rights, the United Nations, and other similar organizations to pressure those Lebanese organizations acting against the rule of law and using fear as a political tool.