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Madrid- Skyline International calls Yemen's breakaway Southern Transitional Council (STC) to immediately disclose the fate of the Yemeni journalist "Adel Al-Hasani" who was unlawfully abducted by its armed militia six months ago. 

In its press release issued today, Thursday, Skyline expressed its deep concern over the deteriorating health of the Yemeni journalist after he was abducted by elements of the Transitional Council last September. Accordingly, it called on the Transitional Council and the UAE government to unconditionally and urgently release Al-Hasani and investigate the ambiguous circumstances of his arrest.

Skyline has revealed that the journalist "Al-Hasani" was detained at a security checkpoint while returning to his home in the city of Aden. He was shortly detained after intervening with officials in the city of Mokha to help international journalists who had been detained when they traveled there to cover the ongoing war. After Al-Hasani negotiated their freedom, they were deported back home to Europe. 

The international foundation "Skyline" states that Al-Hasani's lawyer statements, which media outlets reported, indicate serious violations against the Yemeni journalist. The lawyer " Liza Al-Manea" said that Al-Hasani's has been tortured as he provided false testimony and repeatedly provided differing interpretations of his charges. She added that she "obtained legal paperwork clearing him of all charges, which should demand that officials release him." Al-Manea 'quoted a message from the journalist, Al-Hasani, in which he said, “I have done my best to show the world what is happening in my country, Yemen. What have I done, what is the sin that I have committed to deserve all this? 

Skyline mentioned that "Al-Hasani", who is a journalist and one of the most important local contacts for major international news outlets such as BBC, CNN and Vice, was arrested several times due to his work and criticism of the Arab coalition forces' practices, especially the UAE. It stresses that the current period of detention is the longest and harshest for Hassan due to the torture he exposed to by the STC. 

In this context, UN experts warned in the latest reports published at the start of 2021 that "impunity" and dysfunction of the judicial system give leeway to the recurrence of violations. Experts have stated that the STC detained at least two reporters, one of whom was severely beaten. Other four journalists in Aden were indirectly threatened. A journalist was also killed in Aden. Also, the Houthis arrested at least 10 journalists and tortured them in overcrowded facilities.

Skyline emphasizes that the transitional council's repeated practices against journalists and media professionals contravene the international legal principles that guaranteed freedom of opinion and expression and the practice of journalism. The arrest of "Al-Hasani" and other civilians places legal responsibility on the Council and the UAE alike.

At the end of its press release, Skyline calls on the Transitional Council and the UAE government to reveal the fate of the journalist "Adel Al-Hasani" and to immediately release him. It further calls on the international community to urgently stop the repeated violations against civilians and activists in Yemen.