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Stockholm - Skyline International for Human Rights condemned the targeting of civilian buildings that house journalists' offices and international channels in the Gaza Strip by the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) a few days ago.

Saturday, Skyline expressed grave concern over the escalation of targeting civilian objects and commercial towers accross the Gaza Strip which include local and international media offices without observing the rules of international law, stressing that the Israeli army's violations may amount to war crimes against humanity.

The last of those attacks took place, Saturday 15. May, when IOF targeted the "Al-Jalaa Building" in the center of Gaza City, which includes a number of international channels and agencies offices such as Al-Jazeera channels, the American Associated Press Agency, and many local channels and offices.

Skyline indicated that the Israeli army deliberately attacked residential and commercial buildings which lead to massive material damage and psychological effects. This reflects the determination of IOF to target civilians dangerously in unjustified manner. Accordingly, these actions as a whole violate the principles of international human law, such as the principles of the necessity and proportionality. International law allows states to defend themselves in the right circumstances, but only with force that is necessary and proportionate. Also, the Geneva Conventions and the Hague Rules for media workers guarantee special protection to journalists, their equipment and offices.

In this context, skyline stressed that IOF did not take into account that their missile attacks violate relevant legal principles and rules, but rather launched several air raids. This reflects their deliberate intention to cause the largest possible civilian and material losses, especially against media agencies and TV channels' offices.

Skyline concluded its statement by calling on the Secretary-General of the United Nations and the Security Council to take serious action and pressure the Israeli authorities to stop their military attacks against residential and commercial buildings and to spare civilians and media professionals the repercussions of those attacks. It is crucial to send international fact-finding committees to find out the effects of these violations and bring Israeli violators to international judicial bodies.