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STOCKHOLM - Skyline International for Human Rights called on the Tunisian authorities to open a serious and urgent investigation following the escalating attacks of Tunisian security services against individuals in several regions in the country. It stressed the need to stop the use of unjustified force by the security services and bring violators to a fair trial.

On Sunday, Skyline stated that it is following with great concern the news reported about the ongoing demonstrations taking place in Tunisia for the fifth consecutive day following the death of  a young man in police custody in Sidi Hussein suburb (Sijoumi). Also, the demonstrations were triggered when a video was circulated showing four Tunisian police officers beating a naked minor on the street in Sijoumi suburb of Tunis.

“Skyline” highlighted that the capital, Tunis, has been rocked by angry protests, during the previous days when the young man Ahmed Bin Amara, from Sidi Hassine suburb, died. The man died on Tuesday after being arrested by police on suspicion of dealing drugs, according to local media. His family has accused the police of having beaten him to death and the authorities have opened an investigation, but the interior ministry denied that he had died from ill treatment following his arrest.

"Skyline" confirmed that there were confrontations between young men and policemen, Saturday evening, in Tunis’ suburbs, a few hours after a demonstration against the government and police violence took place on Habib Bourguiba Street in the center of the capital. In the demonstration, protesters demanded the resignation of Prime Minister Hicham El Meshichi.

Tunisians have expressed their anger on social media after a video was circulated showing four Tunisian police officers beating a naked minor on the street. The video shows the police stripping the youth's clothes in the Sijoumi suburb of Tunis, violently attacking him and dragging him along a public road.

"Skyline" pointed out to the statements of Tunisian President Kais Saied, in which he considered that what is happening in the country is a "conspiracy" and unacceptable. He called the Public Prosecution to act immediately under law.

For its part, Skyline expressed its deep regret for the death of a young man and condemned the continued attacks by the security services. It further raised concerns over the silence of the Tunisian authorities that they have not make an actual effort to protect individuals’ right to freedom of opinion and expression and reject the unjustified practices of the security services for days on end.

"Skyline" concluded its statement by calling on the President of the Republic and the Tunisian government to take urgent and real action and assume their legal responsibilities to defy the increasing violence. It also called upon the authorities to set up a neutral investigation committee into the violations, especially the death of the young man and the assault on the minor, and persecute the perpetrators.

In addition, Skyline called the Tunisian authorities to exercise a policy of restraint, enable individuals to exercise their right to express their opinions, and meet their demands.