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Stockholm - Skyline International condemned the attack on the media activist and caricature artist "Hadel Ismail" in Abbaret al Sqeit area in Izaz city in the northern suburbs of Aleppo governorate on July 16, 2021. It called the controlling force in the Izaz area which is affiliated with the Syrian Opposition to conduct a quick and serious investigation into the incident, publish its results and bring the perpetrators to a fair trial.

Sunday, Skyline outlined the attack on activist Hadeel Ismail by two unidentified masked gunmen, stabbing her in one side using a sharp implement and stealing all the money in her possession which she was carrying to distribute as salaries to her colleagues at the Syrian Press Center where Hadil, a caricature artist from Aleppo city, works.

"Skyline" stated that the attack was attributed to unknown persons due to the inability of the competent authorities to know the cause of the accident until this moment, but the Syrian Press Center alluded in its statement to the possibility that this incident was intended to target Hadil for her work as a caricaturist. The center said on its official Facebook page that "the cartoonist (Hadeel), was harassed weeks ago by people who tried to lure her, threatened her and asked her to stop publishing satirical cartoons fir the former head of the coalition, "Nasr Hariri", without any additional information.

According to information published by Sham Network, the activist "Hadeel Ismail" was threatened by unknown persons in a car near the "Al-Kaf" roundabout in Izaz city on June 19. As reported by Sham Network, Hadeel was threatened a few weeks ago over her cartoons of Nasr Hariri, the former head of the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces and the High Negotiations Committee.

Accordingly, Skyline indicated that the assault on the activist "Hadeel" is not the first of its kind, as the areas under the control of the "Syrian National Army" suffer from multiple violations, including repeated attacks, attempted murder and kidnapping by undisclosed parties.

According to activists and local residents, state of insecurity in these areas occurs due to the complicity of some security forces' leaders in the National Army with unknown parties. They stressed that these incidents targeted several political figures, activists and workers in relief organizations, without revealing the identity of these parties and holding them accountable.

It is worth noting here that a group of activists launched a media campaign - earlier - on social media against the security chaos that the northern Syrian regions suffer from by unknown parties. They lost their lives due to the operations of those forces, which included the arbitrary arrest, bombing and assassination of civilian, military and revolutionary figures. They hold the authorities in control of those areas fully responsible for the state of instability.

Skyline concluded its statement by demanding the force in the Izaz area which is affiliated with the Syrian Opposition (the Syrian National Army/Police) to exercise their role and end the repeated violations and the state of security chaos that these regions suffer from, These forces must also conduct investigations into the incident and reveal their findings to the public as soon as possible. It further stressed that the perpetrators of these violations must be brought to a fair trial.