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Skyline International for Human Rights seriously condemns the Tunisian security forces' storming Al Jazeera's office and expelling all journalists who were inside it, which gravely affects freedom of opinion, expression and journalistic work guaranteed by international law.

According to the director of Al Jazeera's office in Tunisia, several individuals in plainclothes stormed the channel's office. They identified themselves as being from the security services, and asked those present to turn off phones and computers, remove electrical connections for no reason, and leave the office immediately, saying that they are carrying out the instructions.

Skyline stresses that the acceleration of events in Tunisia, which was increased yesterday after President Kais Saied said he would assume executive authority with assistance of a new prime minister and freeze all the powers of the House of Representatives, lift the immunity of all members of Parliament, predicts for more violations in the next hours.

Accordingly, Skyline calls on the Tunisian president and the security forces to exercise a policy of restraint and jointly communicate to find prompt solutions protecting the constitutional rights of citizens, most notably freedom of opinion and expression.