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STOCKHOLM - Skyline International for Human Rights expresses its disappointment with the negative attitude of the international community towards the growing arrests and prosecutions of activists by the Saudi authorities, stressing that the continued silence helped these authorities extend their violations against individuals. Hence, it calls the international community to take all measures that would stop the violation of freedom of opinion and expression in the country, which has been going on for years.

In a statement issued today, Saturday, Skyline raises concern at the Saudi security authorities arrest of several activists in the previous days because of their posts on Twitter in particular and social media in general, as reported by "Prisoners of Conscience" and the "Gulf Center for Human Rights"

According to news, on June 01, the Saudi security authorities arrested 22-year-old university student and human rights activist Asmaa Al-Subaie, after they raided her home, confiscating her electronic devices and taking her to an unknown whereabouts.

Local reports attributed the reason behind the arrest of "Al-Subaie" to tweets she posted on her Twitter account. In her tweets, Al-Subaie expressed her views defending women's rights, her support for women who are subjected to domestic violence, and her defense of detainees who have been arrested on grounds of opinions.

Accordingly, Skyline states that the Saudi authorities have not issued any statement about the continued of arrests of activists and social media's influencers

 They only highlighted the Saudi Public Prosecution's warnings to activists against "creating anything that would prejudice public order, religious values ​​or public morals" through social media.

"Skyline" highlights the Saudi authorities' policy of intimidation and arrest since 2017 on the grounds of expressing an opinion. In this context, Skyline has monitored many prosecution and arrest campaigns against dissidents, activists and journalists because of their publications, through which they tried to criticize the living and political conditions in country. It emphasizes that it does not have accurate numbers about those people due to the blocking policy adopted by the authorities in handling political detainees' file.

In this respective, Skyline stresses that the international community’s silence especially those who concerned with the protection of individual’s rights as the United Nations General Assembly, the Economic and Social Council and the Human Rights Council, give the Saudi authorities the motive to continue their extensive violations. Hence, it calls upon the international community and its specialized agencies to exercise their legal and moral role by establishing an international investigation committee to visit premises of arrest and detentions, and hear activists’ testimony and take legal action accordingly.

Skyline concludes its statement by on the Saudi authorities to urgently stop the arbitrary detention, unconditionally release all political detainees and prisoners of conscience, and form a committee to follow up on complaints sent by individuals and their families about harassment and prosecution because of their opinions. It stresses that the right to freedom of opinion is guaranteed pursuant to the Saudi and international laws alike.