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Skyline is glad to announce its exclusive initiative to support and promote new editors and journalists in the MENA region. This initiative aims to give students and leading experts alike an opportunity to publish under rigorous journalist standards and share their stories with a growing community of human rights defenders around the globe.

Skyline International For Human Rights calls students, young editors, journalists, photojournalists, and activists to share their stories about Freedom of Expression in the MENA region. Topics related directly to freedom of expression, journalists, editors, and activists in the MENA region will be considered for publication. Also, experienced journalists who would like to share their stories about freedom of expression are welcome.

The main focus of SIHR is freedom of expression in today’s digitalized world. Therefore, stories and articles related to social media, spyware, and other current issues related to freedom of expression in the digital world are of high interest to us. Unfortunately, articles that do not fit into this category will be disregarded for publication.

Please, visit our website to know about the content we feature on our site or contact us for further information at the link below.

Articles should be written in Arabic, or English, or Spanish. The maximum length of articles should not exceed 1200 words, and it should be original and based on first-hand research and interviews. Photos can only be published with the formal consent of photographers.

Skyline has a team of editors and professionals working alongside authors. Our team will assist authors in the reviewing and editing process. Our goal is to ensure that journalism’s highest standards are met: truthfulness, accuracy, objectivity, impartiality, fairness, and public accountability. Only articles that are reviewed by our editorial board will be published on our site under the Op-Ed section.

The lack of venues for young journalists and the risks involved in working as journalists in the MENA region makes it even harder for aspiring journalists to gain experience and promote their sorties. Skyline will feature interviews, online debates, conferences, and other activities promoting the work of new leading journalists.

This is the principal goal of the initiatives. To facilitate young editors and journalists to express themselves, helping them build a solid curriculum, and contribute to a healthy and necessary debate. We believe new and professional journalism is vital to spark a healthy discussion about current issues in the MENA region.


For more information contact:


Taljinder Shergill

Director of Communications

Skyline International