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MADRID: Skyline International asks the Egyptian authorities to reveal the fate of the arrested Radwa Mohamed after she criticized Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El Sisi and his wife Intisar and the way the country was run in videos posted on social media.

According to Skyline, an Egyptian security force stormed Radwa’s residence, saying in an audio recording that “she is being arrested now.” In recent weeks, Mohamed appeared in several videos on YouTube where she dismissed el-Sissi as an “unsuccessful” president and mocked Egypt’s first lady Instissar el-Sissi.

Egypt’s President Wife

Using profane language, the videos denounced the misuse of public funds and deplored her country’s poor human rights records. Her videos have been viewed by tens of thousands.

Skyline International expresses its deep concern about Radwa’s fate, as its action falls within the framework of the freedom of expression guaranteed in the Egyptian Constitution and the international conventions that Egypt has signed, and in no case should she be arrested or detained.

Article 65 of the Egyptian Constitution stipulates that freedom of thought and opinion is guaranteed, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights provide for freedom of expression, in addition to the Arab Charter on Human Rights, which affirms the same right in Article (24).

Skyline said today’s debate in the Human Rights Councils on the reality of freedoms and prisons in the Egyptian state is an opportunity to highlight violations of public freedoms in Egypt.

Skyline calls on international organizations to pressure the Egyptian authorities to reveal the fate of Radwa Mohamed, and the need to emphasize the responsibility of the authorities and the safety of their lives.

It also refers to the disappearance of many activists and journalists during the past periods, in addition to the arrest of hundreds for criticizing the policies of the government or the president, while they are now living tragic conditions in prisons.

The international organization calls upon the Egyptian authorities to release all those detained for peaceful expression of opinion, end their campaign on censorship of social media, and repeal laws that censor freedom of expression