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MADRID: Skyline International calls for an ethical racism charter among Arab channels to ensure that racism is not used in Arab comedy.

The organization states that the repeated use of African or black characters as a symbol of comedy and then used on social media because of their shape is a clear and flagrant racial discrimination; it ignores all international conventions that called for the differentiation of human beings based on colour, race or sect.

MBC channel published a video on Twitter including scenes from a new series that will be broadcasted soon starring by Saudi artist Fayez al-Maliki.

The video included a clear mockery on the background of colour and race. The channel deleted the tweet after the wave of anger and widespread discontent by followers.

The tweet, which was published, sparked a controversy that was not the first of its kind. MBC Group and other Arab channels, especially the Egyptian ones, have been publishing such productions under the name of “Comedy”, which contradicts the different international values and conventions.

Skyline calls on MBC not to broadcast the series, and to apologize to the Arab and Sudanese republic in particular. In addition to its pledge to not be involved in racial discrimination in its programs or series. The international organization also calls for the Saudi actor Fayez al-Maliki’s apology.

Racism in international law

Article IV of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination provides that:
States Parties condemn all propaganda and organizations based on ideas or theories that any race or any group of one colour or ethnic origin are superior, or that attempt to justify or promote any form of racial hatred and discrimination, and undertake to take immediate positive measures to eliminate Every inquiry and discrimination and every one of its work. ”

Article VII stipulates that “immediate and effective measures shall be taken, particularly in the fields of education, culture and information, to combat prejudices leading to racial discrimination and to promote understanding, tolerance and friendship between nations and other racial or ethnic groups”.

On the other hand, Skyline calls upon the “Arab States Broadcasting Union – ASBU” to take necessary steps to criminalize the abuse suffered by dark-skinned through highlighting it as a funny comedy.

The Arab actor unions ask for not accepting any roles that contain racial discrimination and refuse to participate in any acts that contain it.

Skyline International pledges to put a blacklist of actors and media channels that conduct racist practices that undermine the values, customs and traditions of others, and works to raise complaints against them at various levels locally, and internationally.