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Madrid – Skyline International says that the decision to suspend the broadcasting of the channel “Magharebia” by the broadcasting company, “Eutel”, is a violation of the right to express through the media, as it also violates international conventions.

The London-based Magharebia satellite channel announced that EutelSat, which is in charge of broadcasting the channel’s programs on the same orbit of the Egyptian satellite Nilesat, suddenly stopped broadcasting the channel’s programs without prior notice on Tuesday evening (October 15th).

Magharebia has a British License

According to the testimony of the Magharebia administration, it operates according to British laws, has a license to operate media and television broadcasting from the British authorities, and is subject to the laws of the British Regulatory Authority for Media Services OFCOM. “Magharebia” channel does not have any media activities in Algeria, and does not have any offices for correspondents, nor any of its information material is broadcasted from Algeria.

In this context, Skyline International sent an urgent memorandum to the UN Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Opinion and Expression, Mr. David Kaya, which was in some way infringed by EutelSat.

The international organization condemns the company’s actions and says that it violates the most basic administrative and legal standards.

Skyline International also denounces the complaint submitted by the Algerian authorities, stating that it violates international norms and laws, and is a violation of the right of expression, in addition to other publishing rights guaranteed by human rights laws.

Skyline International calls on the company “EutelSat” to reverse its decision to stop broadcasting the channel “Magharebia” and re-broadcast, as the decision is illegal.

It also calls on the Algerian authorities to stop repressive policies, saying that Algeria, at this critical juncture in the country’s history, should open more to freedoms, especially the freedom of press and media work, rather than taking methods of repression and prevention.