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Israel summoned Palestinian journalist for interrogation on
Wednesday (August 21st),  after being prevented to travel
back to Turkey through the Karama crossing boarder with Jordan for her work on Sunday (August 18th).

According to Skyline International sources, Majdouline Hassouna entered the headquarters of the Israeli Intelligence Service in Huwwara camp near Nablus at noon for interrogation, after she has already received a military summon at the crossing border. 

“The Israeli occupation prevented me from traveling back to Turkey for my work at TRT after I was detained and maltreated for several hours. They asked me to meet with their intelligence in Nablus” said Hassouna on Twitter.

“Before that, I was stopped by the Palestinian Authority
Intelligence, despite the cancellation of the previous
summon, as I entered Palestine with the efforts of the Journalists Syndicate,” Hassouna said. 

Hassouna works as a journalist for the Turkish TRT channel. She arrived in Palestine about two months ago to visit her family and to get married. Hassouna has repeatedly been detained by the Palestinian Authority Intelligence in the West Bank.

I submitted my papers to the Palestinian-Israeli District Coordination Office and began the legal process days after intelligence provocation requesting an official explanation on why I was banned from traveling

— مجدولين حسونة (@Majdoleen_H) August 23, 2019

Travel Ban

Muath Hamed, secretary-general of Skyline International, says
that the travel ban is an Israeli policy of pressuring the
Palestinian people and that it is used as a punishing and violating tool especially against journalists. Hamed also condemns the arrest of the Palestinian journalist Majdouline Hassouna by the Palestinian Authority intelligence.

Palestinian journalists are subject to repeated prosecutions
and violations by the Israeli authorities in a clear assault on the freedom of journalistic work.

According to the official Palestinian News and Information Agency (PNA) report, Israel committed several violations against journalists on July 23 in different parts of the Palestinian territories. 

Skyline International calls on the Israeli authorities to stop the
use of travel bans as a punishment for the Palestinian people,
as this act is against the International Law and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which guarantees everyone the right to freedom of movement.

The human rights organization calls on the international
community, including the Contracting Parties to the Fourth
Geneva Convention, to fulfill its obligations and bear its
responsibilities to end the violations of the International Law committed by Israel as an occupying power against Palestinian civilians, including journalists.