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Stockholm: Skyline International stands in solidarity with the Purple Saturdays Movement in urgently calling upon the United Nations, the international community, and human rights organizations to take immediate and decisive action against the severe violations of women's rights and the escalating humanitarian crises in Afghanistan.

Skyline International highlighted the alarming situation in Afghanistan, where women are facing unjust arrests by the Taliban for dress code violations or simply not wearing Hijabs. The organization echoes the Purple Saturdays Movement's concerns about the series of human rights abuses against women, including arbitrary arrests, imprisonment, forced marriages, and even sexual assault in prisons.

The dire conditions extend beyond these blatant violations, with women in Afghanistan being systematically deprived of fundamental rights such as education, employment, and the freedom to engage in physical activities. These actions are unequivocally grave crimes against humanity, and the situation is rapidly worsening.

Skyline International issues a fervent warning to the international community, emphasizing the urgent need for decisive intervention to prevent a looming humanitarian disaster. Urgent pleas are directed towards the United Nations, the global community, and human rights organizations, urging them to intervene promptly and address this pressing crisis.

The independent news organization underscores the imperative for immediate global solidarity and action to prevent further atrocities against women in Afghanistan. Swift intervention and support are deemed essential to protect their rights and lives, averting an impending humanitarian crisis. Skyline International implores the United Nations, the international community, and human rights organizations to act swiftly in addressing these critical issues.