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Stockholm: In the face of escalating challenges to human rights worldwide, Skyline International stands as a staunch advocate for the universal principles of human rights. Today, Skyline International echoes the sentiments of Tirana Hassan, the head of Human Rights Watch, emphasizing the non-negotiable nature of human rights and decrying the alarming erosion witnessed in 2023.

Tirana Hassan, while addressing the challenges faced in the past year, highlighted the increasing attacks on institutions crucial for fostering open societies that guarantee human rights. Skyline International shares these concerns, particularly noting instances in Europe, such as the treatment of migrants, and drawing attention to India's crackdown on religious minorities and government critics.

Skyline International further underscores the issue of cross-border repression, echoing Hassan's warning about Rwanda and China targeting critics abroad. The organization expresses deep concern over the global community's muted response, seeing it as a tacit endorsement of such actions. The trend of governments turning a blind eye to domestic abuses, engaging in what Hassan terms as "transactional diplomacy," is also of great concern to Skyline International.

Criticism is directed at Western states and EU members for prioritizing political agendas over human rights, a stance labeled as hypocritical. Skyline International asserts that this double standard weakens international institutions dedicated to protecting human rights, allowing countries like Russia and China to exploit it, undermining the universality of human rights.

In the context of the Israel-Hamas war, Skyline International echoes concerns about a perceived double standard in condemning attacks by different parties. The organization stresses the imperative for a consistent application of human rights, independent of political considerations.

As we embark on 2024, Skyline International calls upon human rights organizations, journalists, and governments to actively collaborate in protecting human rights. This independent news organization emphasizes that the survival of human rights relies on the unwavering application of their moral authority, and they should not be subject to selective enforcement.

Skyline International remains dedicated to upholding the principles of human rights and will continue to provide unbiased coverage and advocacy in the pursuit of a world where human rights are universally protected.