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Stockholm: Skyline International is urging an immediate and impartial investigation into the disturbing allegations of war crimes in Gaza. These allegations involve the summary execution of at least 11 Palestinian men by Israeli forces, as reported by the United Nations Human Rights Office (OHCHR).

 Skyline International echoes the OHCHR's call for an independent, thorough, and effective investigation into the incident, emphasizing the need for accountability and justice. If the allegations are substantiated, Skyline International urges that those responsible be held accountable, and preventive measures implemented to prevent the recurrence of such grave violations.

Survivors of the alleged attack shared their harrowing experiences, describing an orchestrated raid during which Israeli troops surrounded and entered a residential building in Gaza. The soldiers reportedly separated men from women and children before summarily executing 11 men in their 20s and 30s in front of their family members.

Witnesses recounted the desperate attempts to convey that the individuals in the targeted homes were civilians, but these pleas were allegedly ignored. The soldiers purportedly entered every home, detaining women and children while executing the men on each floor. Survivors reported that women and children were then confined to a room and subjected to mortar shell attacks and gunfire.

A wounded survivor shared a heartbreaking account of the toll on her family, detailing injuries sustained by herself and her children, including a daughter with a head injury, another daughter losing her life, and her son being left blind. The survivors also claimed that Israeli soldiers attacked women and children even after they were confined to a room.

Analyst Tamer Qarmout from the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies expressed support for the UN's call for an investigation into the alleged unlawful killings. However, he raised concerns about the challenges of conducting such probes, emphasizing that entities capable of investigating Israeli actions are currently denied access to the Gaza Strip.

Skyline International emphasizes the urgency of an impartial inquiry and expresses solidarity with the affected families. The organization will closely monitor developments in this matter and continue to advocate for transparency, accountability, and justice.