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Stockholm: Skyline International strongly condemns the actions of the Nigerian Police and military, accusing them of flagrant violations of anti-torture laws. In a scathing statement released through its official channels, Skyline International has called on the government, led by President Bola Tinubu, to take immediate action and issue a directive to security forces, demanding an end to the reprehensible practice of subjecting individuals to torture and other forms of cruel treatment.

The human rights organization, known for its commitment to shedding light on global injustices, has been meticulously documenting reports of police and military personnel engaging in brutal physical assaults against Nigerian citizens. These egregious actions include the use of whips, gun butts, batons, and various other items, all of which run counter to established anti-torture laws.

"The Nigerian authorities must urgently and unequivocally instruct security forces to cease the practice of subjecting people to torture and other forms of cruel, inhuman, and degrading treatment. The disturbingly frequent reports of torture by the military and police are not only reprehensible but also undermine the very essence of the Anti-Torture law," stated Skyline International in its official release.

Skyline International, an independent news organization dedicated to uncovering and reporting on human rights abuses, particularly in regions where such violations may go unnoticed, has echoed the concerns of those affected on the ground. The organization, while not directly named, aligns with the sentiments expressed by Amnesty International in its documentation of cases across Nigeria.

In a separate critique, Skyline International has also taken the opportunity to highlight the failure of the Nigerian government, led by President Bola Tinubu, to deliver justice to victims of rape. Despite declaring a state of emergency on rape, the government's efforts have fallen short, leaving many victims without the justice they deserve.

The news organization has emphasized the prevalence of unreported rape cases, attributing this to corruption, stigma, and victim-blaming. Skyline International urges concrete measures to be implemented by the Nigerian government to address these issues, providing justice for victims of sexual assault.