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Stockholm: Skyline International strongly condemns the continuous assault by Israeli forces on the Gaza Strip. The organization urges immediate international action to address the escalating humanitarian crisis in the region.

In the wake of the International Court of Justice's (ICJ) ruling, which called on Israel to prevent the crime of genocide against the Palestinian people and ensure humanitarian aid to civilians in Gaza, reports indicate a flagrant disregard for these directives. Israeli military actions persistently violate basic human rights, exacerbating the suffering of the Palestinian population.

Since the ICJ ruling, over 1,800 Palestinians, including hundreds of children and women, have lost their lives, with thousands more injured. The ongoing military assaults have resulted in extensive destruction of residential areas, civilian infrastructure, and essential facilities, rendering parts of the Gaza Strip uninhabitable.

Skyline International expresses grave concern over the severe food shortages in the region, leading to signs of famine and starvation-related deaths. Israeli restrictions on humanitarian aid exacerbate the crisis, leaving hundreds of thousands of people in the northern Gaza Strip vulnerable and in urgent need of assistance.

Despite international calls for accountability, Israeli forces continue to target Gaza's health system, disrupting hospital services and directly attacking medical facilities. This deliberate targeting of essential services further compounds the suffering of civilians and violates their fundamental rights to health and safety.

Skyline International calls on the international community to take immediate action to address the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. The organization urges compliance with the ICJ ruling, ensuring the delivery of humanitarian aid without delay, and facilitating access for investigative committees to prevent the destruction of evidence of human rights violations.

As an independent news organization committed to upholding human rights and social justice, Skyline International reiterates its call for justice and accountability for all those responsible for the ongoing atrocities in the Gaza Strip. The organization stands in solidarity with the Palestinian people and calls for an immediate ceasefire to ensure the safety and well-being of civilians in the region.