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Stockholm: Skyline International, firmly stands behind the recent call made by United Nations experts for a thorough investigation into what they describe as "credible allegations of severe human rights abuses" against Palestinian women and girls in Gaza and the West Bank by Israeli forces.

In a statement released by the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights on , grave accusations were leveled, including extrajudicial killings, arbitrary detentions, degrading treatment, rape, and sexual violence. While the precise methods of fact-finding were not delineated, reference was made to disturbing images purportedly depicting female detainees in deplorable conditions, reportedly captured by Israeli troops and disseminated online.

Skyline International acknowledges the Israel Defense Forces' denial of these allegations, asserting adherence to international law. Nevertheless, the gravity of the accusations necessitates a comprehensive and impartial investigation.

Israel's rejection of the allegations, labeling them as "baseless and outrageous assertions," underscores the importance of independent scrutiny to ascertain the veracity of these claims. Skyline International recognizes the significance of impartial investigations in upholding accountability and justice for all parties involved.

The concerns expressed by the UN experts, who form a crucial part of the primary body for independent fact-finding and monitoring within the UN human rights system, are deeply troubling. Reports of arbitrary detentions, inhumane treatment, and various forms of sexual assault against Palestinian women and girls demand urgent attention and action.

Skyline International echoes the call for Israel to respect the rights and dignity of Palestinian women and girls, ensuring that any substantiated claims of misconduct by its security forces are thoroughly investigated and addressed.

Furthermore, the criticism leveled at the UN and human rights organizations for their delayed response to reports of atrocities against Israelis underscores the need for swift and unequivocal condemnation of all violations of human rights, regardless of the perpetrators.

As an organization committed to promoting transparency, accountability, and the protection of human rights, Skyline International pledges to continue monitoring developments closely and advocating for justice and accountability for all victims of human rights abuses.