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Stockholm: Skyline International stands in solidarity with the recent call by United Nations experts for an arms embargo against Israel in light of the ongoing conflict in Gaza.

In a statement issued on Friday, independent UN experts highlighted the urgent need for an arms embargo against Israel. They emphasized that exporting nations run the risk of violating international humanitarian law if weapons supplied are used in the Gaza war. Skyline International echoes this call, recognizing the imperative of upholding international humanitarian law and the principles outlined in the Geneva Conventions.

The situation in Gaza is dire, with hunger spreading and incidents of aid looting by gangs on the rise. Skyline International acknowledges the importance of addressing the root causes of the conflict and supporting efforts to alleviate the suffering of civilians in Gaza.

Prime Minister Netanyahu's unveiling of a postwar plan underscores the impact of international pressure on the situation. Skyline International urges continued diplomatic efforts to bring about a sustainable resolution to the conflict and ensure accountability for human rights violations.

Brazil's president's recent statements doubling down on claims of genocide by Israel against Gaza further underscore the urgency of the situation. Skyline International reaffirms its commitment to advocating for justice and accountability for all parties involved in the conflict.

The UN Human Rights Office's repeated accusations against Israel for violating international humanitarian law in Gaza highlight the need for action. Skyline International supports the call for a comprehensive review of human rights violations in Gaza and stresses the importance of holding all parties accountable for their actions.

In light of these developments, Skyline International calls on the international community to heed the UN experts' call for an arms embargo against Israel and to work towards a peaceful resolution to the conflict in Gaza.