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Stockholm: Skyline International strongly condemns the recent Israeli airstrikes that tragically claimed the lives of two Palestinian journalists in the Gaza Strip.

The deaths of Muhammad Tishreen Yaghi and Musaab Abu Zayed, both respected members of the press community in Gaza. Yaghi, whose home was struck in the town of al-Zawayda, central Gaza, lost his life alongside his wife and children. Abu Zayed, a presenter for the Holy Quran Radio in Gaza, was also killed in an airstrike on his residence, further underscoring the perilous conditions journalists face in conflict zones.

These latest casualties add to a grim tally, bringing the total number of press members killed by Israeli forces since October 7 to 132. Such deliberate targeting of journalists not only violates international humanitarian law but also undermines the fundamental principles of freedom of expression and the press.

Skyline International echoes the concerns raised by the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) in its recent annual report, which highlighted the disproportionate risks faced by Palestinian journalists covering the conflict in Gaza. The report revealed that out of the 99 journalists worldwide who lost their lives in 2023, 72 were Palestinians reporting on Israel's actions in Gaza.

Jodie Ginsberg, President of the CPJ, aptly characterized the situation, emphasizing the unparalleled danger journalists confront amidst the ongoing Israeli offensive in Gaza. Palestinian journalists serve as vital conduits of information, providing invaluable coverage from within the enclave, as international journalists encounter formidable obstacles to access.

The escalation of violence, further exacerbates the dire humanitarian crisis in Gaza, with civilian casualties mounting and essential infrastructure, including hospitals, being destroyed. Skyline International urges all parties involved to prioritize the protection of civilians, including journalists, and to work towards a peaceful resolution to the conflict.

As an independent news organization committed to promoting press freedom and human rights, Skyline International stands in solidarity with the families of Muhammad Tishreen Yaghi and Musaab Abu Zayed, as well as with all journalists risking their lives to shed light on the realities of conflict.