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MADRID — A new report about issued by Skyline International describes the effects of the Indian authorities’ five-month Internet shutdown on the Kashmir region.

In its report entitled “Kashmir: 150 Days without Internet,” Skyline International declares that decisions to cut off the Internet are contrary to international and human rights laws, which consider Internet access a fundamental right that must be respected and provided.


The report, which includes a number of testimonies from residents, shows that the extensive Internet shutdown in Kashmir led to disruptions in the daily lives of more than six million people in that region.

It delayed the arrival of hundreds of patients who wanted to see their doctors and provoked losses in the tourist sector and in other economic sectors.

 Thus the shutdown was not only a violation of freedom of access and expression but also a cause of millions of dollars of loss to Internet-based companies every single hour of the disruption.

The report reveals that the Internet was cut off around 106 times in Kashmir during 2019 alone.


At the end of the report, Skyline International calls on the Indian authorities to take urgent action to fully restore the means of communication and Internet usage in the region and to allow access to all sites.

It has also called on the international community to condemn the practices of the Indian government against the Kashmir people, which represent violations of their basic human rights.