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Skyline International condemns the Russian attempts to target the Syrian human rights commission because of its’ humanitarian work during the Syrian crisis.

“The media campaign launched by Russia is aimed at distorting the commission’s work and questioning its clear reports’ says Muath Hamed, Secretary General at Skyline.

“The Russian media attacked and harshly criticised the Syrian human rights network and described it as responsible for many reports that incite the Syrian conflict. It also claims that it is the main promoter of the bombing of the barrel bombs” Syrian Network director Fadel Abdul Ghani wrote on Facebook.

The official explains that the campaign was carried out through television programs and press articles, in which Western journalists and pro-Russian activists participated. The articles try to manipulate the commission by launching titles and converting it from “the Syrian Network for Human Rights”  to “the Syrian Network to change the regime”. Accusing the Network of “dramatising the conflict in Syria”. 

For his part, Muath Hamed condemns these media reports and the ongoing attempts to attack the human rights network, saying that this is part of inciting hatred against them, because of their political views and humanitarian tendencies.

Hamed also points out that this inflammatory speech contradicts Article 20 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which prohibits “any advocacy of hatred that constitutes incitement to discrimination, hostility or violence”, as well as Article 19 of the Camden Principles.

Hamed also calls upon the authorities in Russia to stop the incitement immediately, and upon journalists and media professionals around the world not to be dragged behind a speech of incitement and hatred issued by any party against the background of political differences or any other difference, and to stand up neutrally and abide by international legal principles in the media work.