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Skyline International condemns the Jordanian public prosecutor’s decision to stop the broadcast of the series “JINN” with the widespread campaign against actors and cast on social media.

Skyline states in a press release on Saturday, June 15, 2019, that it was surprised by the decision of the Attorney-General in Amman, which claimed that “the series included violations of the law and public morals”, indicating that prevention and prosecution is not the solution to counter any criticisms or observations concerning any artistic work or media. 

The series “JINN” is the first Arab series produced by Netflix International, and presented as Jordanian after filming in Petra, has sparked a wide controversy after the presence of scenes considered by some as “a violation to the values and ethics of Jordanian society”.

In its statement, Skyline demands that the public prosecutor in Amman reverse his decision and allow the series to be broadcast. 

In the same context, the organisation condemns the large campaign that spread through mainstream media and social media, which included an attack on the producers of the series and its actors, indicating that this is incitement and hate speech. It is an attack on the right to express opinions; which series and television films are classified as.

Skyline clarifies that the right of criticism is also protected for all. This right was guaranteed by Jordanian law as well as by international laws and charters, but it stresses that this right should not be a backdoor into systematic attacks and hate speech.

It confirms that any objection to what was being transmitted in the television series could be dealt with in a number of legal ways and means, in the context of public freedoms and criticism.