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Skyline International condemns the Sudanese Transitional Military Council’s insistence on cutting off Internet services, despite multiple requests to return it.

The head of Skyline international, Dr. Shireen Awad, says that the statements of the Chairman of the Political Committee in the Military Council Shams Al-Din Kabbashi is unacceptable, which confirms that the Internet will not return to Sudan in the near future. She demands that the statement be withdrawn immediately.

“Internet will not return to Sudan at this time because it is a threat to national security”, Kabbashi said.

“We are surprised by these statements, which consider the Internet a threat, and stress that it is a right of citizens, as stipulated by international laws and conventions” Awad says.

“Cutting Internet services violates freedoms and the right to express opinions. The internet is one of the most important means to express opinions, and thus this decision violates fundamental human rights that the United Nations has considered”, she adds.

Awad also says: “These measures make Internet users vulnerable by isolating them from electronic platforms and cutting them off the latest news and developments about the situation in the country.”

“We urge the international community to condemn the actions of the junta that violate the right of Sudanese citizens to peacefully protest and express their legitimate rights’, she states.

We again call on the military council to respect the laws and charters, and allow the Sudanese people to use the Internet and express their opinion openly without restrictions or censorship.