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Skyline International condemns the expulsion of seven students by Hebron University on the grounds of their comments on a Facebook post published on the Deanship of Student Affairs page on Facebook.

According to information received by Skyline, published by the local newspaper, the university informed students of their dismissal by hanging the decision on the advertising wall at the university against the following students:

  • Ahmed Azzam Shreith,
  • Haneen Abu Zeina,
  • Safa Abdel Nabi,
  • Ansam Atawneh,
  • Anam Bader,
  • Suhaib Abu Ghaith and 
  • Abdul Rahman Suleiman.

A number of dismissed students say that the dismissal came because of their comments on the Facebook post, which wished the students of ‘Tawjihi’ success in the general examinations they are taking around this time of year.

The Deanship of Student Affairs justifies the dismissal process because of what they called “abusive” comments made against the university on social media, and that the students have the right to object to these decisions before the relevant committees.

In this regard, Muath Hamed, Skyline International’s Secretary General says: “These decisions of dismissal due to Facebook comments is an attempt to impose a clear opinion on students and their experiences, which is contrary to freedom of opinion”.

“We call upon Hebron University in Palestine to immediately cancel its decision and emphasize that universities are supposed to be places where ideas and opinions are debated, not places to suppress and threaten student by dismissal”.

The expulsion is contrary to the Charter of the International Covenant in Articles I and II, which states that “Everyone has the right to hold opinions without interference and to have the right to freedom of expression, including freedom to seek, receive and impart information and ideas of all kinds, either in writing, in print, in the form of art, or in any other medium of their choice”.