Skyline Warns of Possible Israeli Interference in Tunisian Elections Via Social Media

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سكاي لاين تحذر من تدخل إسرائيلي محتمل في الانتخابات التونسية عبر وسائل التواصل الاجتماعي

MADRID: – Skyline International warns Tunisian parties against Israeli interference on social media in the interest of influencing the presidential elections scheduled for mid-September 2019.

The organization says in a brief statement that the Israeli companies specialized in fake news on social media has always been targeting several countries, most importantly Tunisia, through dozens of news pages that publish fake news.

Secretary-General of Skyline International, Muath Hamed, says that Facebook has closed and deleted dozens of news pages and fake accounts targeting Tunisia. These deleted pages and accounts had more than 3 million followers.

Hamed said that these accounts belong to a well-known Israeli company called Archimedes, which is trying to influence the political and electoral opinion of several African countries, including Tunisia.

According to Facebook, the Israeli company has spent more than $ 800,000 on ads on these pages and accounts.

“The warning issued today by Skyline International is due to the approaching of the Tunisian presidential elections, amid great controversy and intense political competition, which allows many pages on Facebook to publish fake news,” Muath Hamid says.


Hamed stresses that Facebook’s discovery of Israeli interference in Tunisia came eight years late, after the publication of false news has begun in 2011. “Tunisian political parties should be careful not to repeat this in the upcoming weeks”, he adds.

Hamed also warns that the Israeli company is still working in the field of social media. According to Skyline’s available information, the company’s attempts continue to intervene in the Tunisian elections.

In order to know whether such pages are credible or not, Hamid states that it is necessary to know the managers of these pages, whether as people, streams or news sites with a well-known source of information; and not only rely on news that are spread on pages managed by anonymous managers or operators.
To conclude, Skyline calls on Facebook to tighten the procedures against the anonymous pages operating in the Tunisian arena, in addition to working on stopping them and exposing the companies behind them, since such pages may target certain groups to influence the upcoming elections.

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